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By • Mar 2nd, 2008 • Category: demonstration

It’s an odd approach – send us a CD of 8 tracks but advise just to listen to the first 3. Needless to say we went for all 8, which may well have been their plan. First though, is ‘I Am the President of Your Fanclub (and Last Night I Followed you Home)’, which is definitely the best 14-word title we’ve heard here all week. That’s pretty much the lyrics taken care of, but musically they equal it with a rattling rhythm, neat guitars which flit between angular and jangly, and a general demeanor somewhere between the Wedding Present or James. While we’re doing comparisons, ‘Skirts’ has (probably subconscious) nods to The Plimptons and Franz Ferdinand, while ‘Intervention’ features bizarre spiraling Pet Shop Boys synths (or, we could continue the local band comparisons and say Findo Gask).There are another 5 tracks here as we mentioned, and in fact they show as much promise as the others, just they’re a little under-produced… or maybe they’re slightly poppier with slightly cheesy keyboard sounds. But whether taking their top 3 or burrowing below the surface, either way it’s clear that this lot have plenty to offer.

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