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Callum Easter

System (Moshi Moshi)

By • Aug 9th, 2021 • Category: Single review

Now based in Leith, Callum Easter keeps getting better and this new track combines repetitive beats, Suicide-esque vocals and Motown-esque backing vocals to create a real stomper… The musical references are all over the place but the core of the track is his alone.

It is brief and to the point, at less than three minutes, and is based on Easter’s trademark homemade electronic backing – but the inclusion of backing vocals and a more in your face sneer from CE makes it even more current and references to “liars twisting” and the attack in the music makes this vital and of the moment…

The track ends with CE intoning “fuck the system” and then it is over – statement made. One of the best artists working in Scotland at the moment.

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