short players (Scottish) Single review

Callum Easter

East Lothian’s Callum Easter goes from strength to strength with this new single – already a live favourite, it is the lead track on a new album out later in the year.

How to describe CE’s sound? Could BM maybe suggest Suicide vs King Creosote having a barney in The Proclaimers’ garage… well, maybe not. There is an inscrutable deadpan element to his music and delivery that is by turns quite scary but also very funny indeed.

The instrumentation is eccentric to say the least, with repetitive piano and fuzz guitar along with a drum machine. The vocals growl repeatedly “What do you think about the working day?” with some sarcastic verses about the banality of a dead-end day job, before a ridiculous set of key changes plus twee backing vocals.

Truly quite unique and may be his best yet.