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A Condition Called Loneliness (calboa)

By • Jul 16th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Calboa is the latest name to come out of the UK indie scene. He usually sways more into the more subdued space and his tracks typically have a dark and cumbersome feel. However, this new one takes him on a new adventure, and it is refreshing to hear his versatile approach.

‘A Condition Called Loneliness’ has a poppy feel-good vibe to it. Similar to the type of sound we hear a lot from The Hooks, the Hull singer has added a new angle to his great sound. He stays true to his word proving tremendous congruency. Lyrically, he excites while staying relatively deep and sad. But, he makes for quite the paradox by combing heartfelt and sincere lyricism with an upbeat fundamental.

For me, I like to hear this lighter sound from the artist. It adds more potency to his backlog and proves he can quickly switch up his music without creating a stereotype for himself. Morrissey did that and still does this, and eventually, you get a reputation as being the party pooper. But, Calboa brings a new light to his discography, which is almost definitely going to open him up to a broader audience.

As the track progresses, we hear a myriad of sounds making it into the mix. The guitar rhythm comes sweet and with a catchy and foot-tapping melody. The beat stays relatively distant but yet provides heaps of essential rhythm and the bass line which greets us rattles with top-class charm.

Overall, it is a track which I have needed for some time. It reminds me of the best years of indie, but it also keeps true to the modern space.

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