short players (Scottish) Single review

Buffet Lunch

This is Scottish combo Buffet Lunch’s third single and it is taken from a forthcoming album ‘The Power of Rocks’, out in early May.

The track starts with angular guitar, quite rockabilly, with some atonal melodic lines and a good groove to it. It sounds like a distant cousin of fellow rockers The Rotations, but has some eccentric qualities of its own. Nice percussion effects too – what is that click clack sound? There are other instruments towards the end, an old Farfisa organ perhaps..?

The slightly Cockneyish(?) sung/spoken vocals recall Eddie Argos or possibly Ian Dury, with references to “letters every day” and “just another normal day in a normal city”…

The ghost of Syd Barrett may also be referenced here – overall an interesting release and this band have some potential…