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Buffalo Tom

'Lonely, Fast and Deep' (Schoolkids)

By • Mar 3rd, 2018 • Category: short players

This single must be the first new material from these guys since… Gawd knows when… ok, I have just checked, 2011, but they dropped off BM’s radar a good few years before that.

Once fairly influential in the alternative Americana scene of the 90s and themselves inspired by the likes of Crazy Horse and Springfield, their rough and ready riffing inspired more recent bands like The Hold Steady and Drive by Truckers.

So this track is a taster for an album ‘Quiet and Peace’ and it is nice slice of guitar-toting blues rock, longer in the tooth than in their heyday and a bit more knowing. It is still the original lineup, singer Bill Janovitz spitting out the lines while the other two provide a clanking accompaniment, and they sound pretty good, bit of nostalgia and world weary American swagger.

Not bad for a bunch of old guys! There are also some live dates – sorry, only in the US for now…

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