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Broken Records / Garden of Elks / Fuzzy Star

‘Nothing Ever Happens Here’ is a concert series created by Jamie Sutherland, booker at Edinburgh creative hub Summerhall and singer/guitarist in Broken Records who fittingly headline tonight’s inaugural show. Formed from a feeling that something should be done about the capital’s much documented struggle with maintaining a music scene, ‘Nothing Ever Happens Here’ seeks to galvanise the creative community with an impressive programme of shows featuring a wide range of Scottish talent while also establishing the Dissection Room at Summerhall as a unique gig venue.

Fuzzy Star take to a stage bedecked in fairy lights and a warm summer glow that really befits their eccentric pop rock. Hirsute singer/guitarist Andy Thomson delivers his poetic lyrics in a laid back vocal style, hinting at melodies which are then developed in spectacular fashion by Michael Morrison’s sinuous lead guitar. It’s a great start to the evening but one given only a smattering of polite applause from an audience still maintaining a respectful distance from the stage. It’s something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Garden of Elks as bassist Ryan Drever accuses the room of “phoning that one in” and challenges everyone to “prove the poster (tagline ‘Nothing Ever Happens Here’) wrong”. While a hell of a lot happens onstage, not least some sterling moves from Drever, it doesn’t spark a reaction, much to their frustration. “Could I have some more crowd in my monitor” he jokes before a final blast of their brilliantly chaotic self-styled thrash-pop sees frontman Niall Strachan tear off his guitar and throw it out into the room.

Any reticence displayed for the evening’s support acts is swiftly banished as the lights dim for Broken Records and everyone edges towards the stage in anticipation. Taking advantage of an impressive lighting rig and a pristine mix, the Edinburgh natives kick off in style with ‘Ditty (We Weren’t Ready)’ from third album ‘Weight’s and Pulleys’ (reviewed here by Is This Music?). Always pushing their rock influences to the fore when playing live, the band race through a set that includes ‘Winterless Son’, ‘A Darkness Rises Up’, ‘The Motorcycle Boy Reigns’ and ‘Nearly Home’. An encore of ‘Slow Parade’ rounds off a captivating performance that sees dancing down at the front and the poster finally being proved wrong.

‘Nothing Ever Happens Here’ runs till the end of May. Full details can be found here.

Words and images: David P. Scott

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