Single review

Broken Records

I really like this, right from the opening notes to the glorious coda. It’s one of those rare songs that catches me from the very first listen. The sound seems incredibly dense but it’s the swirling violin/viola and little bursts of brass that initially grabbed me after the muddy, lo-fi introduction. It’s an energetic, impassioned and gorgeous song full of musical ambition, building up and breaking down before clattering on its merry way again. Brilliant stuff, and the title sounds like good advice as well though the title of the flipside ‘Lessons Never Learnt’ suggests this Edinburgh band aren’t much cop at taking heed of their own advice. It has a more melancholy downbeat sound with its acoustic guitar and morose violin. Despite being more stripped down with a country twinge, it retains an ambitious sound as the vocals swoop and soar impressively. A bruised, elegant and lovely single.