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Broken Chanter

Stuck in the House livestream @ Renfrewshire Leisure (May 26th 2021)

By • Jun 15th, 2021 • Category: Gig review

The most recent in the Olive Grove/Renfrewshire Leisure livestream gigs is something of an oddity.

It appears to be early recordings of several tracks which eventually comprised some of David McGregor’s first album under the Broken Chanter moniker – so from several years ago.

The recording is from what looks like an abandoned building!

The content is however very interesting indeed, starting with a piano (plus electronic effects from a blurred-out second musician) version of album highlight ‘Wholesale’.

David then moves onto two guitar-led tracks, the wonderful ‘Don’t Move To Denmark’ and equally great ‘Should We Be Dancing?’, both from that debut Broken Chanter album.

It is a great insight into where these tracks were at this point, ie before the tracks were finally recorded – and given BM’s high praise for the finished album, they are well worth a listen.

BM understands that the second Broken Chanter album is now laid down and will be released later this year – cannae wait!

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