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Broken Chanter

Ambient 5 - The Shut it Assembly (Bandcamp)

By • Oct 6th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Another month, another Broken Chanter ambient EP, and this one sounds if anything even better than the others…

Track one has some overtones of Kraftwerk, entitled ‘Were You Expecting Goose-Stepping’ – a great toe-tapper and electronic workout….shades of ‘We Don’t Need this Fascist Groove Thing’ more like…

‘Alcoholfrei as a bird’ has piano chords, background drones and is again entirely instrumental….

The next one is a cracker – ‘Sharing Afternoon Cans with the Cybergoths’ has shimmering shoegaze fuzz, some stop/start percussion and could well be a Mogwai b-side.. (is it?). Ok it’s not, as the beat takes up into some kind of New Order-esque sequencer-fiesta – not ambient at all, but very good indeed… Christ, who gave him that bit of kit, this could be a whole new direction and Scooter had better watch out….

Last track is ‘Sensory Deprivation Tank Blues’, which is more ambient, albeit also quite scary and industrial – the sampled vocals sound like they are from a bad horror film and this is one tank you would not want to get into…

So more new ground being ploughed and explored… excellent!

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