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Broken Chanter

Ambient 4: Another Green Whirl (Bandcamp)

By • Sep 14th, 2020 • Category: Single review

This is another absolute gem from David MacGregor, aka Broken Chanter.

Following ‘Here Come The Warm Regrets‘, there’s more dicing with Brian Eno’s lawyers in the title, a further four tracks of variety, humour and atmosphere.

The opener is gentle, truly ambient, with little touches of keyboard and backing noise and then a wee theme being stretched out, music to watch the days go by when the atmosphere is very downbeat – it has some uplifting moments later on, with other repetitions of the theme followed by some electronic percussion… lovely…!

Track two ‘Novelisation of Rocky IV’ is a bizarre and highly entertaining collaboration featuring Sneeze, which if you have not seen Rocky IV the Movie may spoil the plot, but it did cause BM to think that maybe that film, last seen at the Rio Bearsden around 1985 may be a true classic… the jury is oot!

‘Beta Blocking Beats’ is quite Eno-esque in fact, but also brings more electronic percussion and deep keyboard groans and elapses into some kind of ether until coming back again – Boards of Canada are definitely possibly an inspiration here, always there in the ether themselves…

And last track ‘I Wanna be more thoroughly sedated’ has a simple banging backbeat, with the synths coming in a bit JM Jarre, via ‘Space Oddity’, but as always with BC there is always a bit of a twist, and also nods to lockdown – the drugs may not always work but for now the music will suffice…

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