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Broken Chanter

Ambient 3 (Here Come The Warm Regrets) (Bandcamp)

By • Jul 10th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Another month, another Eno-esque title and this is the third BC ambient EP.
Broken Chanter heidbummer David MacGregor keeps it low key but very plangent and memorable for this set of four tracks, released on what may be the last “artists get all the cash” Friday for the princely sum of £4 – a steal, well BM thought so….

It starts with ‘they have bulldozed my primary school’ (something many listeners can relate to as we get to a certain age) an instrumental series of electronic waves (keyboard and maybe guitar) which is very satisfying….

There is a bit of percussion in ‘If Found, Please Return to Sesame St’ and some lovely guitar…also some “found” soundtracks of external noises, garbled speech – BM doubts if playing it backwards will summon the devil, although some of it does sound a bit like Jacab Rees-Mogg speech so you never know… Lovely melody though!

Track 3 is called ‘Dod Kalm’ but with a line through the “o” so maybe a Scandinavian word, despite being a cunning linguist BM is not multi-lingual, but it has a lovely sequencer/keyboard background with some proper synth noises, as well as piano… The percussion kicks in midway through and again it is a seductive, evocative and wistful ditty, which is the main thing about all these tracks – consistently high quality!

And the last track ‘Morag’ may or may not be about a cat – it could be a sister of the previous song but a wee bit slower, and it fades out just as it was getting good – but that’s showbiz, keep them wanting more!

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