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Boobs of Doom

Cake / The Red Pill (DOOM)

By • Feb 10th, 2019 • Category: Single review

Boobs of Doom are doomy, eccentric and disturbing, and BM favourites. These two new tracks are a precursor to a new album titled ’12.esc’ to be released in 2019.

‘Cake (KMKTF)’ is a collage of noises and samples but has a melody, of sorts, as well, but no vocals to speak of. It sounds like the soundtrack to some kind of zombie apocalypse, with some brutal blows of sound and some bubbling atmosphere of background noise.

‘The Red Pill’ is a tad more conventional in that it has a beat (it is almost 10 mins long, mind), albeit a very creepy one. There are some dubby musings, a riff and a driving beat – from some of the most original artists working in Scotland today,

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