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Boobs of Doom

Thor's Womb (Odd Chorus)

By • Aug 19th, 2018 • Category: Album review

BM is a massive fan of the Boobs, and this is their latest, a three-track album with the longest track clocking in at over 40 minutes.

There is a “radio-friendly unit shifter” edit of lead track ‘Thor’s Womb’ which at 7 and a bit minutes seems very brief by The Boobs’ (or BOD?) standards but this is probably the go-to track.

Starting with slow atmospheric sounds, it slowly builds up into something both menacing but vulnerable, like Mogwai recorded in a cemetery, or something. The eldritch sounds flow over you, as the beast begins to awaken and the bpm ramp up a wee bit. Melodic, with weird sounds throughout, the music sounds like it has been processed through a wind-tunnel or some kind of timewarp of found sounds from beyond the grave, or even beyond the gravy…

About two thirds of the way through there is a drum-break and then we get into some full-on death star techno (familiar to patients of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital aka the Death Star) There is treated guitar feedback, bleeps aplenty and the spooky, doomy beats, all the time… There are no vocals, presumably Mr Doom (or Ms Boobs) had a sore throat that night, or were washing their beards…

Anyway it is a unique sound, unsettling but strangely life-affirming, and BM wishes The Boobs all the best for reaching their charidee-fund-raising target.

Buy, below, proceeds in aid of Carrie’s Fund charity.

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