Gig review gig reviews (Scottish)

Bombay Bicycle Club / The 17th Century / Found

The Oran Mor was the host of the Miller Filtered Music festival this month with acts from The 17th Century, FOUND and Bombay Bicycle Club.
The entire venue was hoaching with adoring fans, as well as a few well kent faces from the music scene. Jim Gellatly, Malky Bee, Jamie Crossan, David Bell, Halina Rifai, Louis Abbott, official photographer John Need, and seeing Sharon Stephen again (events lady extraordinaire) and of course, everyone else I could spot through my beer glasses.

Being fanatical about Bombay Bicycle Club already, it was no surprise that I went a tad mental during their set. Mosh pits, lots of sweating, lots of beer. I knew what I was getting myself into. Having seen them several times before it’s natural to become addicted to the chaos born from their more well known songs, like ‘Always Like This’ and ‘Dust on the Ground’. A personal favourite of mine is ‘Evening/Morning’ which is simply fucking good. “I’m ready to owe you anything..” are lyrics that have been imprinted on my brain ever since I heard them the first time. I cannot fault them. I’m gay for them and I always will be.
But, although I was looking forward to their performance, I was very much surprised at what a truly great band The 17th Century are.

Although the first act on, it was a tell tale sign that this was to be a night of epic proportions. Start as you mean to go on is probably how I’d like to best describe the night.
I might not be familiar with all of The 17th Century’s songs, but I distinctly remember ‘Young Frances’ being stuck in my head for many days there after. I am most definitely a fan. I did tell that to guitarist Ryan Burns with pint in hand, and sincerity to the max. I would happily become their bitch.

FOUND might not be my taste in music, but they did mange to get me to dance. It might have been the constant application of alcohol though….or maybe I just gave in to them. High electronic, experiMENTAL, pop, tempered with Scottish vocals….it’s kinda yum.

On a whole, one of the best gigs I’ve been to for a while. It wasn’t just because of the acts, it was the crowd and the ambience, who I was with, and who I was meeting. A lot of very happy drunk people having a good time. It’s what you want after all.