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Blanck Mass

House Vs House (Sacred Bones)

By • Jun 12th, 2019 • Category: Single review

Holy fucking Christ! BM always likes a new release from Ben Power aka Blanck Mass but this is almost too much. Well-known for putting the kitchen sink and everything else into his tracks, this one just tops the lot.

There are samples, loud electronic percussion and oh dear how to describe this stuff – just imagine some really loud neighbours but with a massive backbeat and some piano motifs, before we get into some high tempo chorus notes – but there are actual vocals this time, disembodied but definitely there.

What is he saying – that is for us to work out, in the meantime the track goes into a complete meltdown, and not for the first time – you have to have stamina for Blanck Mass tracks.

This one is seven minutes plus of pure pulverising beats, euphoric at many points but also trademark dark.

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