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Blanck Mass

Odd Scene / Shit Luck (Sacred Bones)

By • May 3rd, 2018 • Category: short players

This is new material from Blanck Mass, the first since the ‘World Eater’ album last year, although there have been some recent remixes of the album.

The two track release is more madness, this time referencing hardcore/straight edge punk, processed guitars and screamed vocals on first track ‘Odd Scene’, along with feedback and weird sound effects.

‘Shit Luck”‘ continues the hardcore punk theme, sounding like Black Flag vs The Prodigy, or something – ridiculously fast BPMs, searing guitar samples, and a barely recognisable vocal – a blast of pure sonic bile, ending very quickly after a couple of minutes.

Blanck Mass continues to surprise and rock BM’s world – a unique and deranged talent!

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