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Black Doldrums

Metempsychosis (Bandcamp)

By • Jul 9th, 2020 • Category: Album review

Black Doldrums are Kevin Gibbard and Sophie Landers, based in London, and this remix EP is the result of their debut album recording being put on hold, so they have revisited tracks from their previous material and remixed them, giving some tracks a new direction or shape.

The results are highly enjoyable, especially the nine-minute first track ‘She Devine’, where the remix treatment lets the original doomy sound run riot, recalling some of the more outre My Bloody Valentine remixes…

‘Maes Desire’ goes for a higher tempo and a thrashing backbeat – excellent!

Initially ‘Hearts That Beat Will Never Mend’ has a Sisters of Mercy vibe to it, but the remix takes it somewhere else… And is that a sitar? Only asking?

‘It’s a Dandy Massacre’ is a massive wall of reverberating noise, good god this would be great to hear live – it is however controlled noise, with possibly backward tapes (it was recorded at Abbey Rd…) in the breaks but the overall effect is pretty pulverising…

And the last track, an acoustic version of ‘Hearts That Beat…’ is very laid back but with sitar effects still there is another revelation…

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