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Billy Talent

Edinburgh Liquid Room (Monday August 20th)

By • Sep 6th, 2012 • Category: Gig review

Rock n’ Roll Damnation Festival have returned this year with another astounding line-up including some of the most exciting current rock acts, set across various venues in Scotland throughout August.
Billy Talent

Canadian punk rockers Billy Talent are the first band to kick off this impressive bill at The Liquid Room in Edinburgh, a surprisingly small and intimate venue chosen for the four-piece, yet one of the main reasons that secures this gig to be an instant crowd pleaser. The group are touring in early promotion of their fourth studio record ‘Dead Silence’ scheduled for release in September, with a handful of shows around the UK before returning to our shores once again in November for the Rock Sound Riot tour.

The show launched with a relatively new act called Pure Love, an English-American alternative duo, formed last year by ex-Gallows frontman Frank Carter and former Hope Conspiracy and Suicide File guitarist Jim Carroll. Carter left Gallows in 2011, stating that he departed from the group due to ‘creative differences’ and in all honesty, hearing Pure Love’s music for the first time live, the duo have definitely created an immense diversion from their previous hardcore punk days.
However, their raw passion for fabricating a unique performance still remains as Carter spends most of his time in the crowd rather than onstage. Songs such as ‘Bury My Bones’ initiate an outburst of chaos and the crowd are soon ready and charged for Billy Talent.
Billy Talent

After what could only seem like one of the most prolonged introductions a band has ever acquired, the crowd become feverish by every minute. Bassist Jon Gallant, drummer Aaron Solowoniuk and guitarist Ian D’sa finally enter the room, and D’sa steals the spotlight of the group’s opening by playing the recognisable lead chords to ‘Devil In A Midnight Mass’. Momentarily, frontman Ben Kowalewicz descends across the stage floor full force, attaining his usual stance as he prompts his foot up on a monitor speaker with overflowing hair dangling across his entire face.

From start to finish Billy Talent performed a high octane live set thrashing their way through hit songs such as ‘River Below’ and ‘Fallen Leaves’ whilst also treating the crowd to a couple of new songs from their latest record including recent single ‘Viking Death March’.

Billy Talent
Never hesitating once throughout the night, Frontman Kowalewicz has the perfect onstage demeanor for a punk rock band of their era, and it’s easy to see that he pulls the group together as he works up the audience with a non-stop energized performance.

With a 19 year span behind them, it’s fairly bewildering to see that Billy Talent have managed to maintain a highly extensive fanbase throughout the years and with the forthcoming release of ‘Dead Silence’ we can only expect that the group will gain even more. If anyone didn’t manage to catch the group at The Liquid Room, make sure to buy tickets for their Glasgow show later this year as it will most likely be another insanely packed out chaotic show.

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