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Best Jobs For A Career In Music

By • Oct 18th, 2020 • Category: new

Making money from music is a dream come true for many people, but how can you actually find a career in such a competitive industry? Luckily, there are thousands of different jobs that are focused on music and its many forms, and you don’t always need to have a talent or a degree to get started. So, if you want to find out some of the best ideas that you can explore today, then read on!

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Become A Singer

The most obvious choice of all is to become a singer. Whether this means creating or joining a band with other talented artists or performing as a solo act, there are many different ways that you can explore singing to make a profit. For example, you can begin your singing journey by busking in the street, but be sure you have the right license or permission before you start. You could become an event singer for things like weddings, or even work as part of the performance team on a cruise ship or in a hotel. If you’re not confident enough to make any of these steps yet, you may find it easier to start by posting a singing video online. A platform like YouTube will allow you to generate income from views and adverts, and you can even pay to spread your videos around to get more attention. Searching for a few top tips for singers just starting out will help you to find your feet.

Blogger Or Journalist

If you have a passion for music but can’t quite sing or play or an instrument, perhaps becoming a music blogger or journalist could be the perfect choice for you. Hosting your own blog will allow you to write about all manner of music topics, from new releases by your favourite artists to opinions, reviews and other inspiring and interesting content that users will enjoy reading. A music journalist is someone who attends concerts and shows, interviews artists and investigates different music topics to get the latest information, and it can be such a fun career choice to explore. You need to be pretty confident to become a journalist, as it involves having fun conversations with big names that may carry an intimidating aura, but once you’ve carried out a few interviews it’s much easier to get the hang of things.

Computer Based Music Production

If you’re more equipped to use technology to support your love of music, then becoming a part of a computer based music production team can surely provide you with the job satisfaction that you’re searching for. You can choose to make your own electronic music to release independently, or join a team of other passionate creators to work together on different projects for artists around the world. Computer generated music is growing in popularity each and every day, and the internet offers an amazing platform for artists to make an income from their skills and what they can produce. A DJ can also utilise computers as a means to create music, so you may wish to explore this option too!

Write Hit Songs

Though you may not know it, it’s highly unlikely that any of your favourite artists top hits were written by them. Almost every famous artist has a whole team of songwriters that create these songs themselves, passing them on to popular artists to be recorded and produced to then be labelled as an original piece. It’s not easy to write a hit song, but luckily there are many courses and qualifications that you can take to improve your skills. A key aspect of a successful songwriting career is reputation, so be sure to put maximum effort into marketing and advertising your services in the right circles to develop a name for yourself in the music world. Practice makes perfect when it comes to songwriting, so if you want to pursue this career then you must take it seriously and try your hardest to improve your skills.

Get Into A Music Studio

A music studio is one of the best locations for a music lover to work, as all manner of music related happenings go down in a studio. Artists meet for the first time to discuss collaboration, songs and albums are recorded and edited, small scale shows take place and so much more. It’s not easy to get yourself into a music studio, but the best chance you have is to start at the bottom. If ever you see an internship or a low level role become vacant in a music studio, apply. Even if you just start off by making coffees, you’ll get the chance to network with big names in the industry and have the experience of being in a professional studio on your resume for future reference. Working your way up to the top may take some time, but it’s a sure fire way to stay involved in the music industry no matter which role you take on.

Become A Teacher

If you have a certain set of skills such as the ability to play the guitar or piano, becoming a teacher might just be the perfect option for you. Teaching is such a rewarding experience, as you can pass on your knowledge to the next generation of musical minds to inspire them to stay creative and pursue their artistic dreams. Working in a school will require specific qualifications, whereas being a private tutor often doesn’t. Consider which of these will best suit you, as a school teacher must be more adaptable and have a range of skills whilst a specific tutor need only have one area of expertise.

You also need to ensure that you are thinking about what you would enjoy more. It’s not just about whether or not you want to go through the process of getting the correct qualifications to become a teacher. When it comes to music tutoring, you have more freedom to choose who you will and won’t spend time with. As a teacher, you are forced to teach whoever, whenever you have to, but this isn’t the case with tutoring.

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