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Becci Wallace

Focus (BW)

By • Apr 3rd, 2021 • Category: Single review

Based in Scotland, Becci Wallace’s fourth single from the album ‘Present Tense’ is a reflection on some pretty deep themes…

Produced at Novasound, the verse lyrics are talked, sometime spat out over a low-tempo backdrop of acoustic guitar, electronic percussion and processed strings. The chorus is underplayed but beautifully sung – Wallace is an unbound talent for sure!

It is not an easy listen, and these subjects may or may not be autobiographical, an artist reserves the right etc… There is a bit of echo in the vocals at times, and they are confessional, sometimes self-deprecating, focusing on motherhood, other people’s perceptions of her as an artist, and dangerously direct for the listener.

BM recommends just listening to this, it is quite something… listened to it five times tonight and it keeps yielding up more secrets and revelations, the mark of something really good indeed.

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