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Where's the Magic (Jansen)

By • Mar 28th, 2018 • Category: long players

The press release talks freely of artists such as Bjork and Natalie Pross, but the keening delivery and perfectly timed vocal phrasing is all vocalist Nina Mortvedt’s own.

She doesn’t overdo the tortured soul act either.

This is an album full of hope and empathy and life experience that your ears can relate to (“strolling along the street like a whirlwind”, indeed!).

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Nikolai Haensgle provides Mortvedt with a full, warm and sympathetic musical backing at all times, underlining her voice, pumping it up with a richness where others may have swamped it or else left it flailing in the wind.

In that respect, the album that Where’s The Magic brings most closely to mind is Everything But The Girl’s 1999 swan song, ‘Temperamental’. Like that album, there is a starkness, an emotional chill right at the centre which catches you right from the start.

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