Album review


This guy (Stephen Jones) continues to pump out classic pop, long after he was written off as a 90s has-been.

He refuses to die, even after a heart attack a few years ago. It is hard to know where to start with these releases, some retro and some new material, but they are all great.

This is a guy who is determined to put his art out into the world, and as BM says, it is all great. See BM review of his Glasgow headline gig last year when he confronted the audience and called out reviewers (thankfully not BM!) and played a gloriously loud and unrepentant set, more power to his elbow…

This release comprises some less well known songs, but also some alternative versions of quite well known songs such as ‘Failed Suicide Club’…

There is such a rich and varied output here, this is just a skewed sample of it – Stephen Jones is one of this age’s most overlooked artists and BM adores him – please explore his back pages, people, and his front ones too – he is pop gold!