Album review


Young upstart PIXELLAY has remixed a selection of Babybird tracks, and there are some good results.

He gives 13 of these tracks, quite old a lot of them, a bit of a remoulding and also proves their longevity…

It is not always the most obvious ones that he goes for, for example from ‘Ugly Beautiful’ it is ‘Atomic Soda’, a pretty obscure album cut, which gets the treatment, a few electronic drumrolls here, a couple of keyboard flourishes there, and it almost comes across as nu-rave, or something…

Another staple of the BB live set ‘Dead Bird Sings’ gets a beat-heavy makeover, and as with most of these tracks it is not completely overhauled, just some more muscular beats put across it – very nice indeed.

There are many other cuts but of course we all probably want to know what PIXELLAY has done to that albatross around the neck ‘You’re Gorgeous’ – well it’s a reimagining of sorts, but actually more triphop, with a slowed-down tempo and some electronic manipulation of the beats, very clever….

BM can’t actually remember any BB remixes to date, not sure why as in the course of Stephen Jones’ career there must have been a few offers… anyway, these release is timely and does justice to the originals – recommended!

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