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The Hereaftergo'ers (Moshi Moshi)

By • May 2nd, 2015 • Category: short players

Fans of Findo Gask will be keen to check out the latest offering from Babe, featuring Gerard Black and Michael Marshall, but it’s not as if this release is just for those in the know. The 4 track EP works very well as a self-contained piece, serving as a good accompaniment to the much less electronic album Volery Flighty.

With a number of sparse instrumental passages, there is a focus on the light and uplifting vocals, reaching numerous high notes and points throughout the EP. The vocals may be lighter in sound and volume, but they certainly aren’t light in tone. Sparse electronic music naturally provides a dark and atmospheric setting, and over the course of the EP, The Hereaftergo’ers is quite restrained, rarely breaking into a gallop or over-extending itself.

Lead track ‘The Warbling’ is the natural entry to the record but closing track ‘Kept Up’ captures the essence of Kraftwerk with its synth fills, and it brings the release to a close on a forceful, it not 100% upbeat, mood. Existing fans of the artists involved will no doubt be delighted with this release but if you have an interest in downbeat electronica, this is well worth checking out.

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