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Baaba Maal / Eska

Not to be confused with the 90s indie band, Eska sings folky soul songs with a mixture of influences.

She’s something of a serial collaborator and in this gig the crowd would get to witness that in action.
The stage set up should have given the game away. Between the various instruments and microphone stands there was something unusual on the stage.
It’s not often you see a Claymore on a stage.
She told the audience of how she had covered a favourite song and was surprised to find out the song was written by a Scottish man.
They’d been in touch and tonight was the first time that they’d met.
She then introduced him to the stage.
It was of course the funk warrior himself, Jesse Rae.
In full battle gear.

Baaba Maal
This isn’t Baaba Maal’s first trip to Glasgow in January but it’s the first in a while.
“I’m a nomad, I travel all over the place but here I feel like a new Celtic person”.
Singing on his own to begin with before gradually introducing the band it was a slow beginning.
He was joined by his long time collaborator Mansour Seck, the blind Griot guitarist and a five piece band.