William Orbit

My Oracle Lives Uptown

A return to working for himself sees William Orbit turn out an album that sits somewhere between ‘special’ and, well, ‘music made for TV dramas’. more… “William Orbit”

M. Ward

Hold Time

Yet another manifestation of the ability of M. Ward to record pure audible beauty, ‘Hold Time’ is, not unpredictably, addictive on first listen. more… “M. Ward”


A Lot To Learn

Not one of these three songs is far from the beaten indie pop track, but they come up good on the hook scale. more… “Floorless”

Ben Marwood

This Is Not What You Had Planned

Folkey disposition? Check. Intelligent lyrical disposition? Check. In that case, you’re about to fall in love with Ben Marwood. more… “Ben Marwood”

The French Quarter

We’re Not French

The French Quarter. Immediately I think of New Orleans and the seminal book set in the meteorologically unfortunate city, A Confederacy of Dunces. Those of you without a literary bone to your musical bodies may choose to ignore the next comment, but in describing We’re Not French, the first thing to tell you is that, despite the (somewhat feeble) connection, these seven tracks are the antithesis of Ignatius J Reilly. By that I mean to encapsulate the following adjectives: it’s inspired, it’s tranquil, it’s distinctive. more… “The French Quarter”


No One Left To Follow / We’re Not Here

Admission: I’m not to be trusted on matters of “dance”. My education goes as far as Basement Jaxx and Daft Punk (are they even “dance”?). more… “Slam”

The Envy Corps

Wires And Wool

Altogether very Envy Corps. The expected summery dynamic – complete with smiley, simple guitar hooks, pretty vocal melodies and even a wee bit of tambourine to set the tone more… “The Envy Corps”


Our Love To Admire

One of those collections of songs that can only be fully enjoyed with no distractions, preferably with headphones in a dark room. ‘Pioneer to the Falls’ opens the album with a single guitar hook and ghostly piano, introducing what sounds like a song that you’ve already heard a million times – willingly more… “Interpol”