Australian outfit Dangerous! – the word just isn’t as effective without the exclamation mark – are looking to introduce their own brand of super garage in the UK more… “Dangerous!”

My Tiger Timing

Endless Summer

Laden with iridescent electronics and a primitive feel that’s infectious and quite sinister at the same time, ‘Endless Summer’ is the latest offering from London-based My Tiger Timing. An apt and alternative take on the usual bout of summer tracks that get touted as ‘summer anthems’, this is a certainly an interesting alternative to the usual nonsense. I do have an underlying fear that they could become as irritating as the Ting Tings though – fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.
Endless Summer - Single - My Tiger My Timing

Mojo Fury

We Should Just Run Away

Embracing a penchant for funk that Chromeo would be producing, ‘We Should Just Run Away’ turns sinister with one swift swipe of a guitar distortion. more… “Mojo Fury”

Little Green Cars

The John Wayne

Little Green Cars have presented a sumptuous feast of multi-voiced harmonies, apparently likened to Mamas and Papas which is a bold move that almost borders on absurdity if it wasn’t so true. more… “Little Green Cars”


Kilmarnock trio Fatherson release their latest release under the name Fatherson, relinquishing their original moniker, Energy!. more… “Fatherson”

Brett Martin

Lover’s Lane

To say I was surprised that iTunes automatically recognised this CD as Elvis’ ‘Love Me Tender’ is a bit of an understatement. With that song now in my head, nothing could compete with the The King’s love ballad.
more… “Brett Martin”

Bright Eyes

Jejune Stars

Jejune Stars? I refuse to believe it. Conor Oberst’s magnificent band releases the latest single from The People’s Key, an album that is supposedly the last for the Omaha outfit. more… “Bright Eyes”