Discovering Dundee

- and its electro scene

The soundsystem powers up. First the bass announces itself, pouring into the room like dry ice. Then the synths unfold, curling and unfolding like some enormous robot getting out of bed with the worst handover of its life. more… “Discovering Dundee”

Lucky Me

The collective's Martyn Flyn

The fluid nature of dance music makes it notoriously difficult to define.
Take the recent sounds emanating from Glasgow’s LuckyMe Collective. more… “Lucky Me”


What's in a name?

(It’s Danan-anan-aykroyd lol thx)

So that’s “Danan-anan-aykroyd”. A name that has tripped many a music fan up (not least this interviewer) it’s surprisingly apt for a group who are tricky to understand but ultimately sound great. more… “Dananananaykroyd”

Go North

Top Ten Tips

Once a year the Scottish music fan gets an insight into how Homer Simpson would feel if he found the keys to a donut factory when Go North gathers some of the best (inter)national talent around. more… “Go North”

The Scratch

Critical Mass

Oh dear, oh dear. Madchester: so much to answer for. Backed by XFM’s Clint Boon (former organist with Inspiral Carpets) The Scratch attempt to blend a funky backbeat with rock guitars more… “The Scratch”

The Rivers

She Gives It Around

Hailing from Brighton, it looks as if Jimmy left more than his virginity in that Quadrophenia alleyway. A rich tradition of 60s inspired indie stems from the South coast more… “The Rivers”

Mr Plow

Lullaby No. 2

Somehow the clean livin’ “mommy’s apple pie” image of the United States has never washed on this side of the Atlantic. We like our yanks gritty, jail bound and backed with the whisky-laden sound of the pedal steel guitar. more… “Mr Plow”


Sounds From The Kitten Casino

Mods: scooter riding, pill popping, soul music obsessing teenagers from the 60s. At least, that’s the plan. Unfortunately since a Mr Austin Powers popped up, any trace of a 60s nightclub influence in music has been met with disdain and more than a little scorn. more… “Modus”

Various Artists

Breakout Scotland

Mists rolling over purple hills, a noble stag standing proud against a frozen landscape and a shedload of great music – just a few of the things that come to mind when one thinks of Scotland. more… “Various Artists”