Electric Frog

Glasgow Riverside Museum

It’s got a certain whiff of pub talk about it. That last-orders genius idea: “We should all get tickets for Glasto next year”… more… “Electric Frog”

Frightened Rabbit

Pedestrian Verse

“I am that dickhead in the kitchen…” – as an opening gambit in the Selkirk-formed five-piece’s highest profile, highest stakes record to date, this opening line is probably up there with the best of ‘em.
more… “Frightened Rabbit”

T in the Park

5 things

With a month to reflect on what happened at Balado and get the muck out of his turnups, Richard Baillie goes over T in the Park 2012 in his head. Again and again. more… “T in the Park”

The Grand Gestures

The Grand Gestures

Question – What do you get when you take a random crew of Scottish musical and artistic talent, a grumpy TV shopkeeper and the offer of a curry lunch in return for some lyrics and vocals? more… “The Grand Gestures”

Maps & Atlases

Beware and Be Grateful

Chicago Math Rockers Maps & Atlases return with a polished follow up to their shuddery debut (which was so low-fi in parts that it was only sung in vowels) more… “Maps & Atlases”