Iain Petrie

My Best Shot / The Awakening

Sounding strangely like some ’80s Paul McCartney reincarnation it’s hard to accept this kind of music as something written in recent times. more… “Iain Petrie”

Ross Drummond

Drink Up / Motel

Acoustic Ross Drummonds inventive solo strumming culminates in two powerful demo tracks with their memorability built on the non stop double tracked vocals making up for the absence of other instruments. more… “Ross Drummond”

Ten Storeys High

The Thrill Of The Fall

Edinburgh‘s acoustic four piece Ten Storeys High’s debut album glides on a cool dusk breeze from start to finish through eleven well balanced and immaculately produced tracks. more… “Ten Storeys High”


Jake Of Monterey

A dark, moody acoustic free flowing track, ‘Jake Of Monterey’ transforms from a worryingly low-key opening of slow voice and lone guitar into a pumping Bowie’esque art heavy mix of guitars and multitracked vocals. more… “Injuns”

The Zutons

What's Your Problem

Having previously seen and heard a tidy live acoustic version of this track my ears were suitably primed for the full-on full band cut and with major label backing this isn’t going to be anything less than polished, driving pop. I was right. more… “The Zutons”

The Alligators


“OhOhOh” is an uninspiring plod through typical student band territory, lacking in originality and musicianship. Trying to find a place amongst the girl fronted bands like the Ting Tings, with chirpy, young, and accent heavy vocals this unfortunately falls a long way short of where it is aimed. more… “The Alligators”

Salon Society


Glasgow’s Salon Society has at their core a 3 piece all fem blend that have produced this very accomplished first single. Reminiscent of Horse both in vocal delivery and subtle melodies ‘Undone’ is a breezy grower that pops along in acoustic simplicity. more… “Salon Society”



An interesting mix of funk and stop-start guitars. Newcastle new boys Deltasound produce two cool tracks from the three on offer. more… “Deltasound”

Smith 6079

The Sound Of Silence / Here Again

“Manchester five piece, who are meatier than Kasabian, release cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound Of Silence”. more… “Smith 6079”