Killing Time EP

It’d be simplistic to say that Dropkick are Edinburgh’s answer to Teenage Fanclub, though it’s true for many of their songs. The breezy tunes, alternating harmonies and country touches here and there evince a hybrid of The Fannies and The Jayhawks more… “Dropkick”


Yr Kicks

Tweepop! Home of lollipop-sucking scenesters, handclaps and people in thrall to 1967, right? Well, maybe. But there’s more to it than that. more… “SAY”


When The Time Comes

A couple of years back, ardentjohn took the Beatles-in-Hamburg-esque (is that a word?) step of playing a month at a resort in the Italian Alps. Fourteen shows a week will make any band tighter than the proverbial dog’s bits, and they’re no exception to the rule. more… “Ardentjohn”



Finniston are Steven, Jolene, Andrew and Jamie. The fact that one of them is actually called Jolene should be enough to take them to country megastardom, were there any justice, but sadly they haven’t taken that particular musical route. more… “Finniston”

The New Pornographers

Myriad Harbour

There’s a bit of a gap in my musical education concerning the New Pornographers from the release of their 2000 album Mass Romantic, which contained the fantastic ‘Letter From An Occupant’, to, well, now. more… “The New Pornographers”

Cannonball Jane

Knees Up! EP

Mild-mannered music teacher by day, electropop too-cool-for-school queen Cannonball Jane returns with a special EP featuring the frankly terrific ‘Take It To Fantastic’ more… “Cannonball Jane”