Robert Poss

Singer/guitarist Robert Poss has ploughed a distinctive furrow since the demise of Band of Susans in the mid 1990s by continuing to explore his lifelong love of sound, particularly those that can be wrought from the electric guitar.
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Connections made

After ten years of blissful guitar noise and hazy melodies, Edinburgh shoegazers Wozniak are calling it a day. more… “Wozniak”

Red Guitars

Living with technology

After a successful comeback tour last year, the reformed original line-up of Red Guitars are about to embark on a second U.K. tour in September more… “Red Guitars”


Pulling in the Same Direction

Meursault are returning to active duty with the release of their sixth, self-titled long player. more… “Meursault”


Kleine Freiheirt, Osnabrück, Germany

For different reasons (the pandemic, increased costs of touring etc.) the chances of ever seeing Sophia play in Scotland seem to be diminishing by the year. more… “Sophia”