Comprised of former members of Ruby Suit and Vatican Shotgun Scare and perhaps one or two others more… “Salt”

Piney Gir

You Are Here

It’s 21 years since the former Angela Penhaligon first graced our shores and, somewhat unnervingly, around 85% of those of you that are actually reading this article are wondering exactly who she is. more… “Piney Gir”


This Is Not A Safe Place

Making their second full length since they reformed in 2016 might’ve given Ride slightly more pause for thought than with its predecessor more… “Ride”

The Membranes

What Nature Gives... Nature Gives Away

You need to hand it to The Membranes, a band that has been making difficult, awkward, occasionally bewildering music since at least 1981. more… “The Membranes”

Vanishing Twin

The Age Of Immunology

About a month ago I was reading a feature on Vanishing Twin in the Metro papers’ ‘new band’ page in an article that made much of their bid to become the 21st century Stereolab more… “Vanishing Twin”