C Duncan


2017’s album ‘The Midnight Sun’ established C Duncan as a musician whose work could comfortably stand alongside any of the dreampop greats whose music had inspired him. more… “C Duncan”


Raging River

I know that Lou Barlow has had something of a solo career in recent years, but this is actually Sebadoh properly back with us more… “Sebadoh”


Bats Fly Out From Under The Bridge

Album opener ‘Page, Take Me To The Lair’ is the sort of track that a lot of other bands would choose to end their first album in 14 years with. more… “Pilotcan”

Port Sulphur


I stuck this onto my music player expecting more of the motorik garage pop that makes Port Sulphur’s previous release ‘Paranoic Critical’ the breezy guitar fest that it is. more… “Port Sulphur”