Dead Man’s Waltz

Dancing on the other side:

Ploughing an entirely different field from most other current new bands, Dead Man’s Waltz hail from Skye, write songs inspired by Eastern European folk music and regularly host gigs where the audiences are asked to read out Victorian ghost stories. more… “Dead Man’s Waltz”

She’s Hit

Shimmer Shimmer

Lock up your daughters, the jewel in Glasgow’s live crown release their best track to date – and have a suitably shades-on-indoors video to accompany it. more… “She’s Hit”

Jack Townes

Captain’s Rest (Stag & Dagger festival)

Tonight, Glasgow is a washout. We’ve rushed in out of the rain to see Jack Townes – who, rubbish name aside, are tipped to be one of the bigger Scottish bands of this year. more… “Jack Townes”