Given that Southampton-based Coast have a classically trained pianist in their midst and the talent who produced Duffy’s first commercial recording (!) it’s surprising more… “Coast”


There and Back Again

Despite their folksy packaging, Newcastle band Rexin’s sound is far heavier than you might think. more… “Rexine”

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Glasgow ABC

Imagine the movie of your life: you aren’t the best friend, or the love interest or a distracting subplot, you’re the star, the story is about you. And towards the end there’s this scene, an amazing, long shot of you driving down a highway, or a montage of everything that’s led up to this incredible moment in the story. more… “The Brian Jonestown Massacre”

We’ll All Be Heroes

Everything Must Go

Post-Hardcore trio We’ll All Be Heroes are not just another ‘we wish we were Lost Prophets’ band. Having only been together for a year, their latest e.p. Everything Must Go is surprisingly catchy and an enticing taster of what may be to come on their debut album out in April. more… “We’ll All Be Heroes”

Gav Livz

Double 6's

While I’m proud of my Scottish accent, it does sound faintly ridiculous when you hear it in a rap song and to be honest, this CD from Glasgow rapper Gav Livz (real name Gavin Livingston) sounds at first like a piss-take off of YouTube. more… “Gav Livz”

Calum Gordon


As a general rule I would avoid anybody who cites both Jeff Buckley and Pendulum in their list of influences, mainly because I hate both acts and a hybrid of the two would be my personal worst nightmare. It’s lucky for Calum Gordon then more… “Calum Gordon”


Glasgow QMU

Despite having only released two full length studio albums during the course of their ten years together, Glassjaw are widely regarded as one of, if not the most, highly influential post-hardcore bands on the music scene. more… “Glassjaw”