The Hours

Glasgow King Tuts

The Hours bounce onto the stage and straight into ‘Narcissus Road’ from their d├ębut album of the same name. more… “The Hours”

El Dog

The Lamps of Terrahead

Glasgow four piece El Dog draw comparisons with Biffy Clyro and Mogwai, but that’s too simplistic. more… “El Dog”


Glasgow ABC

Support act The Sound Ex are a raucous four piece from the North of England who burst onto the stage in a frenzy of shouty vocals more… “Therapy?”


Glasgow King Tuts

King Tut’s is sold out tonight and is so packed it’s almost impossible to move! A strange noise starts to emanate from the stage, a heavy bass sound, and one by one the members of 65daysofstatic arrive on stage. more… “65daysofstatic”