Steve Adey

The first song here from Edinburgh based singer-songwriter Steve Adey, ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ is apparently a cover of a Radiohead song, something I didn’t realise as the brooding, intense delivery gives it more of an air of an acoustic Nirvana or Pearl Jam song. more… “Steve Adey”

Zoey van Goey

The debut single from Zoey Van Goey lies in a similar vein to the uplifting, jangling pop of Tilly and the Wall, minus the latter’s tapdancing percussion but very enjoyable nevertheless. more… “Zoey van Goey”


The minimalist white sleeve of this CD gives little away, and indeed on first listen the music itself is an elusive, subtle creature. However, with successive listens these gently hypnotic six tracks begin to open up to reveal a post-rock, experimental charm more… “Line”


The Last Crusade

Jakobinarina are apparently Icelandic teenagers, but their sound defies anything imagined from the tag “Icelandic teenager”. This is punk rock that could conceivably have been made by those who were there first time round. more… “Jakobinarina”