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Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

By • Nov 17th, 2008 • Category: long players

It’s only been a couple of months since the last Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry album but he’s back yet again with another full-lengther. Even at 73 years old, it is clear that age is not slowing him down. Anyone that was disappointed by the Andrew W.K produced Repentance, a more  hip-hop influenced outing will be excited […]

Safe 2 Say

By • Oct 3rd, 2008 • Category: demonstration

It’s been less than a year since I last heard from Forfar based Safe 2 Say and I must admit, I was less than thrilled to receive their new CD in the post. What a pleasant surprise it turned out to be.

Chris Helme

By • Oct 3rd, 2008 • Category: long players, reviews

Believe it or not, this is only Chris Helme’s first solo outing since his band he is most well known for, The Seahorses, broke up 10 years ago. Since then he has kept himself busy with his other band The Yards, never quite gaining the recognition he deserved as a fine songwriter and a damn […]

Glissando / Her Name Is Calla

By • Aug 8th, 2008 • Category: long players

Leeds is surely the home of the most and inventive music in the country right now and there are plenty of labels spending their money to show how great it is purely for the love of it. Gizeh Records are one such label that truly captures the DIY spirit of Leeds in which bands support […]


By • Aug 8th, 2008 • Category: long players, short players (Scottish)

Music snobs beware, this is not for you. Along with nu-metal, ska-punk has became one of the most hated genres out there and the style embraced by Fandangle is as unfashionable as it comes with the tried and tested formula of American pop-punk mixed with horn driven ska rhythms. Basically, they sound just like Less Than Jake.


By • Jul 19th, 2008 • Category: long players

Those crazy Italians; first there was the band Canadians, and now Vancouver, both with an obsession for Canada and the summertime too. A little bit of a contradiction it would seem. Nevertheless, they both have very good English and play their American influenced indie rock very well.

The Sinister Cleaners

By • Jul 19th, 2008 • Category: long players

The Sinister Cleaners were as indie as they came, opting to split up rather than sign to a major label. And so, after a few singles, championed by John Peel, the Leeds lots first album has been left unreleased and unfinished for 20 years. Until now that is. During the in-between years, they’ve kept themselves […]

Gavin Rossdale

By • Jul 19th, 2008 • Category: long players

Remember Bush? No, not President George, no one could forget that idiot could they? I mean the Scottish rockers that found success in the US in the mid 90s, that along with the likes of Creed, helped make grunge a commercial, radio friendly genre. Thanks guys.

Mirror Mirror

By • Jul 19th, 2008 • Category: short players, short players (Scottish)

Could this be yet another mesmerising psychedelic band for the 21st century? It certainly appears so! Mirror Mirror are the latest act, along with Wooden Shjips and Jenifer Gentle that proves that the scene is alive and well.

Escape Act

By • Jul 19th, 2008 • Category: short players, short players (Scottish)

The timing of this single couldn’t be better really with this year, Britain, so far lacking in a big summer indie anthem. Unfortunately, Escape Act, in spite of their efforts don’t quite reach the mark.