The Breeders

Glasgow O2 ABC

A delighted crowd of pining grunge fans of ‘various’ ages gather to go back in time, 20 years since the band’s exceptional platinum second album, Last Splash, was first released. more… “The Breeders”

Retreat! IV

Edinburgh Pilrig St Paul’s Church

In its fourth year and already knocking socks off some of its rival fringe shows and lineups, Retreat is indeed a treat to the eyes and ears after many nights of disappointing theatre, mediocre comedy and numerous ‘free’ displays of entertainment so far this month. more… “Retreat! IV”

Too Many Cookes

Down At The Zoo

An experiment in music journalism for 4 year olds. A risky business at the best of times. Is Mick Cooke really ready for his harshest critic yet? How will the standard of critique compare to ITM? usual standards? more… “Too Many Cookes”

Star Wheel Press

Life Cycle of a Falling Bird

Each album cover is hand printed using letterpress and woodcuts and it’s this attention to detail that has served Star Wheel Press well in their first ventures to the market, bringing a unique twist on alternative folk music. more… “Star Wheel Press”

Charles Douglas

The Lives of Charles Douglas

So what do you need to know about Charles Douglas? Yes it sounds like Lou Reed and New York runs right through it, and Moe Tucker herself produced the album more… “Charles Douglas”

Ali Murray

An Endless Lullaby

An emotional tribute to his mother, this debut album is a touching collection of folk and pop tunes, which could appropriately be called lullabies? more… “Ali Murray”


Please Don't Take Him Back

An attempt perhaps to move further from the Belle and Sebastian comparisons and more into electro pop territory, Bearsuit are keen to firmly plant themselves in the middle of a 2010 scenario. more… “Bearsuit”