Hometakes Volume 2

This is what people mean when they talk about records being “lo-fi.” The seven tracks here are all very radio-friendly in a late night, John Peel session kind of way. more… “Amplifico”


Absolute Garbage

While selling in their millions, Garbage will always be regarded as the “nearly” group of ‘90s rock. And with the evidence here on tracks like ‘Stupid Girl’, ‘Milk’ and ‘I Think I’m Paranoid’, that’s something of a shame. more… “Garbage”

Opal Sky

Octopus Diamond, Edinburgh

There’s nothing like a band with a mixture of images. Opal Sky is one such band. Skinny ties, kipper ties, overflowing hair and leather skirts; – this band’ll kick you in the stomach to make you pay attention. more… “Opal Sky”


Alex Tronic Records Volume 1

This is (by all appearances) the debut release from Edinburgh-based label Alex Tronic Records. It is obviously aimed at Edinburgh’s massive clubbing audience more… “Various”

Paul Hartnoll

The Ideal Condition

This is very good music to chill out to, the ideal CD to put on in the early hours of the morning, collapsing at home after a night’s heavy clubbing. more… “Paul Hartnoll”

Oi Va Voi

Oi Va Voi

The first thing that strikes you about this album is just how fast-paced it is. Tracks kick you in the gut, hard and fast and then run off again. more… “Oi Va Voi”

Brett Anderson

no more tears…

Having now unleashed upon us his debut solo album, the self titled Brett Anderson (the very title of which speaks volumes about his move away from a Suede-style lushness of style and grandstanding emotionalism), Brett Anderson is now embarking upon his first solo tour.

I caught up with him during rehearsals for the upcoming tour and found him in bullish, confident mood, eager to impress upon us his move away from the day-glo pop star of his early-`90s Suede heyday and gravitation towards a more adult style of pop, a style already evinced on the above album. more… “Brett Anderson”


Simon Says

Where so many songs of today linger on notes and riffs far longer than is necessary, what we have here is a nice brisk funky tune more… “Dorp”

The Vincent Black Shadow

Fear Is In The Water

The first thing that struck me about this album was just how great vocalist Cassandra Ford’s voice is. It’s one of these voices that can either sit on top of the material, adding a ghostly, ethereal quality to it, or else, pile-drive the song right through your stereo, often all in the same song. more… “The Vincent Black Shadow”