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Deacon Blue

By • Jun 8th, 2020 • Category: short players (Scottish), Single review

You feel like you’re in the pub with Ricky Ross and co.

Thee MVPs

By • May 21st, 2020 • Category: Album review

If this album has one flaw, it’s the cover.


By • May 16th, 2020 • Category: Album review

The sounds here are very sparky and bright and jazzy

Tiny Fighter

By • May 15th, 2020 • Category: Album review

What is it about early summer that brings out singer-songwriters with synths and sighing, breathy vocals? Here we have another case in point with Tiny Fighter. ‘Perfect Game’ is present here in three forms – the original mix, which is very nice and summery. Then, there is the Step5 And Perambulum Remix. That really brings […]

Stephen Malkmus

By • May 10th, 2020 • Category: Album review

You feel like you know the music long before you’ve actually hit the play button

Marlin’s Dreaming

By • Apr 24th, 2020 • Category: Album review

First track, ‘Cabbage Tree’, is a dead ringer for Depeche Mode’s ‘Policy Of Truth’

Dirty Projectors

By • Apr 22nd, 2020 • Category: Single review

It is good to have a scream of rage in times like these

Fire In The Radio

By • Apr 21st, 2020 • Category: Album review

There is nothing like a bit of true and direct music for when you are in lockdown.

Anna Calvi

By • Apr 12th, 2020 • Category: Album review

This is friendly music, with a true heart and spirit of its own.

Snakestyle & Tove Aradla

By • Mar 26th, 2020 • Category: Album review, Scottish albums

You are made to feel as though you are on one of those great waterslides that starts off slowly.