Derek Raymond and Gallon Drunk

I Was Dora Suarez

Hyperbole is inherent in most of today’s music writing. I can imagine it sprinkled over lukewarm efforts like MSG. Every week we are promised an epoch-making-life- changing event as four white kids chug their way through the same three chords and wax lyrical about life in a northern town. more… “Derek Raymond and Gallon Drunk”

Vampire Weekend

Oxford Comma

I’ll be honest, completely honest with you. I wanted to really, really, really hate this. Such is the fickle nature of a buzz band. It’s not great by any means, but at least it’s not another post rock, dancey hi hat mockney northern monkey travesty. more… “Vampire Weekend”

The Postcards

Hours To Midnight EP

I don’t know much about The Postcards, it sounds like they are made up of every member of every late eighties/early nineties Glasgow guitar band I ever listened to. more… “The Postcards”


Fun With Wizard Stencils

It’s not Wintermute’s fault, perhaps it’s the disappearance of the sun, maybe it’s the generally bad day I’m having. more… “Wintermute”

Nephu Huzzband

Nurse Nurse

That name is awful, but then so is, if you think about it, Radiohead. This is not Radiohead, this is a song necking all manner of musical medicines to cure a distracted malady. more… “Nephu Huzzband”