Howling Bells

Cities Burning Down

It’s a thing of great mystery that Howling Bells aren’t one of the biggest bands in the world (that’s U2 apparently…if you’re interested). more… “Howling Bells”

The Walkmen

In The New Year

It’s a real wonder The Walkmen’s two organists (and bass players fact lovers – they must switch on stage…too much) haven’t binned it by now. more… “The Walkmen”

Bell X1

The Great Defector

It’s a not a radical statement to say that Bell X1 sound alarmingly like the Talking Heads. In fact had Davy Byrne not been so busy with Brian Eno recently more… “Bell X1”

The Icicles

Arrivals & Departures

What in god’s name gives The Icicles the right to be so feckin’ content?! An album in major chords without even a hint of sarcasm, misery or introspection? What do these airy fairy, hippy Americans think they’ll achieve in our rain drenched beauty of a country? more… “The Icicles”


Wicked Man’s Rest

Driving through a Passenger review without mentioning Nizlopi or James Blunt would be an achievement of juggernaut proportions. Their jingle-pop keyboards meshed with melancholic acoustics wouldn’t feel out of place in the Christmas charts. more… “Passenger”

Colin McIntyre

Water Rats

Mull Historical Society gigs were always more than just pop concerts. In fact Head Chieftain) McIntyre was often known to describe his performances as ‘meetings’ where all were welcome to take the floor more… “Colin McIntyre”

John Martyn

The Barbican

There are some things in life that are simply unmissable: that first breath of a new born child; darkness thrown over the land by an eclipse; the new Kasabian album (ahem); or your monthly edition of ‘`Is This Music?’. more… “John Martyn”