Bombay Bicycle Club

Glasgow Barrowland

The Barrowland Ballroom is a wonder land of historic romance. Voted best small venue in Europe, it’s a place where most of our grandparents met one another as young hell raisers; now generations on, it’s enjoyed in much the same way as an amazing music venue. more… “Bombay Bicycle Club”

Grandpa Was a Lion

Archaic EP

During the summer in a stuffy office on Market Street, next to the window where I received what is known as a ‘tan’, Facebook alerted me to a post on one of the many pages I update. It was a message from a musician named Justin D’Onofrio more… “Grandpa Was a Lion”

The Xcerts

None more slack

Poor drummers running from South Edinburgh to make rehearsals, lucky bird crap, caps in the ass, and music genealogy were just some of the things that came out of this quick catch-up with The Xcerts more… “The Xcerts”