Live in session

In the first live session for is this music?, Edinburgh-based quartet Skjør perform three acoustic numbers including versions of two tracks from their recent debut EP, ‘Nature’. more… “Skjør”

Roman Nose

Jacked Up On Mercy

At the 2014 Wickerman Festival with the Go North tent filled to capacity for Saturday night’s headline slot, there was a panic amongst those responsible for event security more… “Roman Nose”

Wickerman Day 1


Situated near Dundrennan in Dumfries and Galloway, the Wickerman Festival mixes established and emerging artists with a family friendly atmosphere and fire filled finale more… “Wickerman Day 1”


Oh, Supermoon Vol. 1

Last year, having pushed in a more commercial direction with the SAY Award-nominated ‘Something for the Weakened’, Meursault’s Neil Pennycook decided to disband his band more… “Supermoon”