The Strike Nineteens

ABC2, Glasgow

A quick Google search will teach you a whole host of fascinating facts about Dumbarton. The Cutty Sark was built there, William Wallace was imprisoned there and it was briefly home to chief Talking Head David Byrne. The history books show a huge musical void between Byrne heading west to the USA and the present day. Tonight, however, might yet be a sign that this will change sooner rather than later. more… “The Strike Nineteens”

Billy Bragg

I Keep Faith

Almost six years to the day since his last album release (England, Half English) the one time “Bard Of Barking” returns with this single to herald the imminent release of new album Mr. Love & Justice. more… “Billy Bragg”

The Poems

Young America

Some eighteen months after being released in North America you can finally purchase The Poems debut album in their home town of Glasgow. And what a good thing that is. The true story behind this album is fascinating on a number of levels but that’s for another day. Right now let’s concentrate on the songs. more… “The Poems”

Th3se United States

A Picture Of the Three Of Us

Do you remember when Beck was a creative tour de force? When he could seamlessly blend folk, rock and and make the sound his own? When we marvelled at the intricacies of his arrangements and the inventiveness of the sound? more… “Th3se United States”