Various Artists

Bristol – The Punk Explosion

Possibly my favourite ever band, never mind just ‘punk’ band, came from Bristol you know? Five Knuckle were around in the mid ‘noughties’ and were obviously too late for a compilation such as this, but it just goes to show the depth and longevity of the punk scene in the South West. more… “Various Artists”


Highland Calling

This is a belter of a compilation!

Produced by Handsome Crab Promotions, a collective of young music enthusiasts who work together to promote punk music across the Central Belt of Scotland more… “Various”

Glenn Meling

Originally from Norway, Glenn has spent his entire life moving from town to town, country to country. Apparently, he has yet to live for more than a year in the same place. A bit of a ‘free spirit’ then, I guess. more… “Glenn Meling”

The Zips

Jaw Jaw EP

Call me a cynic, but I always view songs that bear political messages with, erm, an air of cynicism. more… “The Zips”

Sierra Alpha


Rightly or wrongly, this debut EP from Welsh five-piece Sierra Alpha reminds me pretty much of this year’s American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert. more… “Sierra Alpha”