White Denim

Glasgow Captain's Rest

White Denim, a three piece from Austin, have been causing quite a stir recently. Their debut album, Workout Holiday, received critical acclaim from damn near ever angle and based on tonight’s performance it’s easy enough to see why. more… “White Denim”

Cadence Weapon

On a lazy Tuesday afternoon, Is This Music arrives at the Ivy bar to find Canada’s finest export, Cadence Weapon, nursing a rum and coke whilst the barman explains to his DJ the ancient rivalry of the Old Firm.
After introducing himself as Roland we grab a seat to discuss his new album, ongoing tour and the flaws of hip hop. more… “Cadence Weapon”

Q Without U

“Liking this makes you neither cool nor hip!” screams the headline on Q Without U’s myspace page. In a city where most bands are obsessed with being so achingly now, it’s quite refreshing to meet a band who aren’t concerned with being pigeon-holed into a category of cool. more… “Q Without U”

i Concur

Lucky Jack / Build Around Me

It’s only been a few years since the hideously named ‘Gangs of New Yorkshire’ appeared on the music scene, but in spite of its infancy it seems as though it is due a revival already more… “i Concur”


Paper Planes

Last year saw the release of M.I.A’s stunning second album Kala, with its blend of world music and street sounds propelling it to a rightful place in everyone’s end of year polls. more… “M.I.A”

Connect, day 3

Inveraray Castle

The debut of Connect Festival on an already crowded summer music festival scene has prompted a lot of people to ask just how many are required in one season. more… “Connect, day 3”


The Waltzers

Glaswegian four-piece Bricolage are flying the flag for Scotland and proving to be the greatest export we have date. more… “Bricolage”

The Cribs

Moving Pictures

The Cribs have been branded ‘the next big thing’ since the release of their debut album back in the mists of time that was 2004 and are seen as many to be one of the most under-rated bands in existence today. more… “The Cribs”